Monday, May 21, 2012

Pleased to meet you!

~photo was taken at The Dallas Arboretum~

A brief introductory: 
My name is Mandy, I was born and raised and still living in the same house in Garland, Texas. 
26 years old. 
New to blogging and in the process of starting my own business- an Etsy shop called "Mandatory Creations". I make purses, totes, pouches and much more. My goal is to have something for everyone
I've been following blogs for a few years, and am greatly inspired every day. I understand blogging can be a huge part of running your own business, and I'd love to take part in that. Please join me on this great adventure!

More about me:
 I am a creative and very passionate type. I'm always looking for a new way to explore my creative side. I've dabbled in many mediums, drawing, painting, photography and of course sewing. 
Photography and sewing are the two main things that stuck with me and fuel my passion for art. I've been sewing on a machine for a little over a year and absolutely adore it.
 I am my own worst critic. 
My mom is my biggest fan. (she's the greatest, and my best friend)
 I have an amazing family and a handful of dear friends that mean the world to me. I'm sure you will get to know snippets about each individual in my life as I blog.
Don't take me too seriously, I am a goof, tend to be sarcastic and absolutely love laughing and making people laugh!
I am a lover of animals, especially cats (who isn't??)  I also adore birds, and ducks, I find them fascinating and majestic. I could go on about my love for animals but let's move on...

My mom and I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The cats are "mine" and I raised and trained one of our dogs when she was a puppy. So these are my girls!

Top: Fiona (the queen) Left: Kit Kittredge An American Cat ~aka~ Redge(the bully) and Right: Miley(the goof)

I am also lucky enough to have found my soul mate, who I have been with for almost 10 years. Cody, the love my life. We collect stuffed animals and share a huge imagination. I intend to mention our silly quirks and adventures as well.

Stay tuned for more about me and the future of this blog!


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