Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shameless Non Existent Shop Promotion

Well, if you read my first post of me introducing myself, you have actually learned quite a bit about me. Including that I am in the process of starting an Etsy Shop. I don't plan on constantly posting about my shop and products, but I will post about shop updates and the like. In the mean time I do want to share how things are going!

Firstly, this is my dream, it may not seem like a big dream, but it is huge to me. I'm so nervously excited about everything. I taught myself to sew, I try new and fun things and attempt to come up with original designs that people will love. I want to have all kinds of styles, so there is something for everyone. I want to make other things as well...I have a really long list, it's overwhelming to say the least. Luckily the progress I've made in the last month alone is keeping me inspired and motivated.

Logos, Shop name and making things official:
My boyfriend(fiancee)'s cousin, a graphic designer, artist and amazing person, created not one, but two logos for me. One of which came from my own head. (The needle/feather/spool logo in the top left corner) It just sort of sprang on me out of no where, and I made a note of it, later I practiced doodling it and trying to figure out how to make it official. Long story short, I showed him my doodles and he created exactly what I wanted as a graphic, to print on fabric from Spoonflower. He also created some other logos for fun and I loved one of them so much I had to have it.
My shop name is pretty self explanatory. My name is Mandy, I create, it is my purpose. My entire life people have had many nicknames for me, it's actually kind of weird to actually hear someone call me Mandy. I've been Manderz, Mands, Mando, Mandophoto, Mandage, Mandington Bear, SalaManderz, Murphy...just kidding about that last one. I don't remember who it was, but at least once someone called me Mandatory, and I liked it, a lot.

So what's in store for me and my future?
I'd love to quit my job some day and make things for a living, but that's my "not planning that far ahead dream". Right now I am focused on getting things running, learning about the business and what it takes. Hopefully attend some handmade festivals and such that I oh so enjoy going to as a customer. Have my OWN booth?? Squee!

So now that I have blabbed on and on about logos and dreams, here are some sneak peeks at what I've been working on and will be in my Etsy shop.

{all sneak peeks and future updates can be found on the Mandatory Creations Facebook page.}

1. wristlet with charming zipper pull / 2. three vintage inspired floral pouches / 3. adorable retro cross body with a scarf for the strap / 4. fun with ruffles wristlet / 5. preppy argyle bow hand bag / 6. pretty sewn in pleated wristlet / 7. wooden handled bag

I'm so excited for what I have waiting for the shop, and utterly inspired to make many more things!

Always feel free to comment, I'm very open to tips and advice, or if you just want to say hello :)

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