Saturday, August 11, 2012

6 days until...

My 27th Birthday. I recently had to do the math to see how old I was actually turning this year, at first I thought that was just sad. When I really think about it, I don't care about age, it's just a number, I have so many sides to my personality, I'm a kid at heart, mature when I need to be, giggle and geek out like a little girl, I've been told I am wise beyond my years since I was around 10 years old... So what's in an age?

I could tell you about the ups and downs I've gone through in life to get me to the mature adult I am today.(ha!) But everyone goes through shit in life and it helps them become who they are. I'm just me, I'm Mando. 

All I can say about the young woman that I am - is that I create as much as I can, I criticize what I do, I'm proud of myself and what I've accomplished, I finally appreciate my beauty and don't hate my body quite as much, I stand firm on my beliefs and non-beliefs while keeping an open mind to others. I love, I care, I laugh, I cry, I get mad,  I wear my heart on my sleeve and then wipe my own snot on it.

I'm still learning about life and always will be, but I do feel comfortable in that I have a decent plan, that is right for me and Cody, I'm happier than I've ever been, I'm scared shitless, and I think I'm going to be just fine.

Enough of the deep, meaning of life bullsh, let's get to it! I'm ready to party! Happy Birthday to me!

Here's an interesting fact: My dad and Cody have the same birthday, August 15th, mine is August 16th, Cody's sister Rachel's is August 17th, and mine and Cody's anniversary is August 18th.
 Honorable mention: My brother's birthday is August 28th. So...busy month this is.

Tonight we are having our Triple Birthday Party Bash at my sister's house. Pool Party/BBQ. I hope to take pictures to share with everyone. I am extremely excited to celebrate with my most wonderful family and friends. I'm lucky to be alive.

Let's end this post with some more fun pictures, shall we?

Pretty sure I'm excited about being at Chuck-E-Cheese, maybe? Or was it Penny Whistle Park?

That was a door in our old house that I don't at all remember, but it's pretty sweet, right?

Aw yeah, fisher price roller skates.
That would be my brother, Javan in the back there giggling at his weird costume thing he put on my head.
There is a sock on my hand because I pulled a curling down onto it and had a pretty nasty burn, I love my scar on my right hand, I really do...
Rockin' the oxfords. When I was like 10 I saw this picture and demanded to have shoes like that again, and my mom found me some... Um...so I want some oxfords again?

and last but certainly not least, my favorite find:
This. My mom, My Mimi, my brother Javan, my sister Karly, and me. Mimi is hugging me to her, Javan too (sorry Karly but we were her faves). I love my smile, I love how close I am to her. I love that we are all smiling. Not to mention I am pretty sure I spy Cookie Monster and Big Bird on my cake. Score.

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  1. awesome! we truly are blessed with awesome families aren't we?! see you tonight!


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