Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Loves 2

This Apple Pie of roses is so amazing and beautiful. I would almost not want to slice into it and devour it!

Why do I not own any Pyrex? When ever I see dishes like these, I melt and wish I had a big open cabinet full of beautiful pieces, to bake beautiful things in, or not, do you even use cookware when it's this gorgeous??

Speaking of Pyrex, how precious are these illustrative note cards?? Check out this artist's Etsy Shop for other super cute art cards as well! I spied some Mario birthday invites!

This is a lamp, can you believe it? Lamps that look like roses and they are so amazingly beautiful!
I would adore one hanging on either side of my bed!

I kind of can't wait for Christmas, mostly because of the scorching hot Texas Summer makes me feel ill, but also because I keep coming across great ideas for decorating that I cannot wait to try!
Like decorating dollar store fake fruit with glitter!  (no original link)

Or painting peanuts and adding a little beard, SO CUTE!

While we are talking about craftiness...This wall art is so amazing, I would love to take some time to concentrate and try to recreate something this beautiful!

This DIY for adding lace to a vintage suitcase is so pretty. Now I know what to do with my Mimi's old blue train case I've had set aside for years now! And I just scored several yards of vintage white lace from a thrift store, it's almost just like the lace below!

I love this dress from Modcloth, the color, the stripes, the shape, everything about it is perfect!

Also these shoes from Modcloth are so adorable, I love the floral laces and I'm pretty sure I would sport them with the dress above!

Noteworthy Blog Posts I loved this week:
Lauren's start to 52 weeks of smoothies, I need more greens and plan on trying this recipe!
Nicole's "If you really knew me" post, greatly inspired- I have my own in the works for tomorrow.
Elycia's post for Ivan's Birthday Party, I LOVED the decor, especially the multi-frame Birthday sign!
Kaylah's bike is so pretty, I loved this post about her riding it and getting over anxiety, because I can surely relate!

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend, and if it's as hot where you are as it is here, stay cool and drink some lemonade for me!



  1. Oh my goodness Pyrex is kind of the greatest thing ever! I absolutely love it. My dad has a ton of old Pyrex he doesn't use anymore so once my fiance and I finish building our house he is going to give it to us!

    1. Oh! Total score! I'm going to have to start asking around to see if anyone has some up for grabs ;)



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