Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend in Photos

I had a really nice weekend, fun and productive and adventurous.  Also, do see that goose's face?

Saturday my mom and I spent pretty much the entire day building an ottoman out of pallets. We can add carpenter to our list along with plumber, electrician, painter... two strong women living together? We can accomplish just about anything!

Just a few process photos, we piled it high with this extremely silky soft (hence the name) plush batting, pulled some quilt batting and sheet tightly around and stapled it. I will post a finished product after I make the slip cover for it :)

This little dude visited us during our building, so did a bee...I didn't take pictures of the bee...

My niece and nephew came to spend the night, I taught my nephew Camdin about letters and cuddled with him while he stayed up way past his bedtime.

The next day we went to White Rock Lake and fed some geese, there were so many, they swarmed around me and I didn't flinch. Cody stayed far away. The kids were over it quickly. They were loud and awesome and some stupid little kid chased them away. You shouldn't let your kids do that, It's not very nice to the animals, or the people trying to feed and photograph them, but I digress...

My mom picked so much of this Jasmine, she couldn't stop smelling it. I picked a little sprig myself...

 Song is so good at saying "cheeeeeths" for the camera.

Cuties sat like that without anyone telling them to!

 Mommy can't be serious, Songy may or may not be eating a booger. I won't judge either way.  <3 Family.

 I really love how much my mom and I look alike, she is so beautiful, inside and out.

We are capable of taking a serious, smiling photo, I swear.

 I love this outfit so yes, I wore it again. Also I am starting to love and get used to Cody being my photographer. I hope he is enjoying it too...

Harold smells the jasmine.

We ran a bunch of errands, I got some star wars fabric to make an insulated pouch for Cody's insulin. I finished a quilt order for a very close friend, pics of that coming soon. Did you have a fantastic weekend?


Bonus photo: Can you spot the the little surprise in this photo? A little something disgusting that doesn't belong?

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