Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Instalove Recap 3

A foggy morning, Harold added a touch of mystery to these creepy towers.

Fiona rarely naps on my bed, so I had to document the sweet moment.

Enjoyed my next day curls and new thrifted plaid shirt as we headed to the woods for a lovely chilly weekend.

Instagrammed by Cody, I picked some yellow little pretties to take home.

Scored some spiked slap bracelets at Dollar Tree.

We often purchase glow bracelets from Dollar Tree and have glow parties.

Scowled at an un-wanted chinple.

Enjoyed this vintage (80's?) tie necklace I ordered from this Etsy Shop.

Got a new a phone, and I'm LOVING it!

Went to an old friend's cute fall wedding

Cody spotted my name on a license plate.

Had a spontaneous after wedding night in with Cody, I never drink wine. (take note of the glow partyness)

and last but certainly not least, my new obsession. I'm learning to crochet!!! I'm so addicted and it's becoming a problem because I have a case of tendinitis and if I'm not careful, it flares up. Needless to say I've crocheted for far too long and am definitely feeling the affects in my fingers and wrists. I guess I need to start setting a timer and only allowing a certain amount of crocheting a day. Bummer.

I have to share this blog. She is awesome, and has free crochet lessons in videos that are so easy to follow and understand and it's where I'm learning everything. If you are wanting to learn to crochet, visit her video lesson page and dive right in! You will be SO glad you did!



  1. I've been wanting to learn how to crochet or knit for what seems like forever, thanks for the heads up on that site, it might just force me to start learning :)

    1. You are more than welcome! Seriously, dive right in! The first few videos are about hooks and yarn, get a couple of supplies and get started! and if you have weak old lady wrists like me, be sure you don't over do it! ;)

  2. Oooo crocheting looks like such a handy hobby! I always wanted a crochet blanket to toss over a couch, which would probably take like a year to make haha. And your friend’s fall wedding looks so cute from what I could see- I already spotted a pumpkin! And I love your dinosaur pictures hahah they always crack me up.

    Also, if we’re going to be Lost Boys then *obviously* we need sparkly tassels coming off our bike handles. How can we do it any other way?!

    1. I hope to do a blanket someday! But at this rate, looks like pot holders for me. I'm wearing a wrist band as we speak from crocheting for too long, I knew better, shame on me. BUT! I do suggest trying to learn because it's fun, rewarding and relaxing - if you don't over work your hands that is.

      I'm glad you love my lil dino Harold, he is one of many of my little inanimate-object friends in my life :)

      YES! We are going to rule the streets!

  3. hahaha i love the glow sticks! i have so many glowsticks lying around it's sad...i'm like a 6 year old :p


  4. Spike slap bracelets?? Those are too funny!
    xo Heather

  5. i love the wedding photograph! all of these are cute!

    lindsey louise


  6. super cute cat & love ur piercing ♥♥♥♥

  7. Great photos! I especially love the first one with the dinosaur. :D
    As for crochet, I've been meaning to give it a shot. I heard it's a bit easier to learn than knitting, and I'd really love to try making an infinity scarf or a beanie. How long did it take to pick it up?

    - Sasha


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