Thursday, January 3, 2013

Instalove Recap 4

The holidays are a busy time for me, lots of family activities and getting prepared. Unfortunately when I am not busy, I am enjoying being lazy, and that's all been too natural as of late. So here is what has been going on in my world, instagram style!

My pretty outfit of the day, I love my tattoo peaking through some neat tights. I absolutely adore my brooch from the great Etsy shop: Friendly Gesture.

I had a couple of weeks of health problems, I think everything is okay now. I've been enjoying some tea with positive and uplifting messages.

Redge is big on giving kisses, and they usually come with nibbles...

The fall leaves were too beautiful in our neighborhood (for a short period of time) I went for a nice walk and collected some leaves for pressing (totally getting into that, thanks to Kaylah!)

Making attractive faces with my sister in law, nephew and sister at lunch - such good times.

Captured some cute water drinking of my elusive angel Fiona.

Went to extreme measures to capture the details of this day's outfit. Saddle oxfords and a vintage brooch <3

My *future* Mother in Law has the most wonderful collection of plants and green glass in her kitchen window. I love how she re-arranges them and stacks things on top of each other.

Our Christmas party for work was at a fancy restaurant called Nobu. So delicious and it's fun to get all dolled up!

 Went to see Bomb The Music Industry! for the first time ever, and probably the last as they say this is their last tour :( I was so glad I got to see them, I still can't stop listening to them after that amazing show.

I also can't stop wearing my very cozy sweatshirt I got at the show :)

The Christmas edition Birchbox was killer! I LOVE the lipgloss that came with it and I regret not sticking to my Birchbox reviews...

Fell in love with this outfit! Thrifted shirt, Modcloth skirt, Booties from Target and I think I had my hair a little fancy that day too.

My mom and I went to The Nutcracker Ballet, we have never been to one before and we LOVED IT!

Made some Christmas snow globes, I had a lot of fun with these, I loved using the vintage deer I found at a thrift store!

I made some salt dough ornaments for the first time ever, and by some I mean a whole bunch! They were for a Christmas crafts party we had for the kiddos, I think there are still some left not decorated!

I learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron, they held up so well! I was pretty excited!

The first time we got a "flocked" tree. I can't believe we have never had a snowy white tree before, we are in love! Mom insisted on a red and gold theme. Luckily we have a nice collection, here is an old ornament we have had forever, a hand-painted one and a new one from The Nutcracker!

I got my mom a Nutcracker that she just adores. We have had that little candy village for as long as I can remember, and I made some snow flake skirted Ballerinas!

And last, these touch screen compatible gloves I got at Target are so awesome! I suggest picking up a pair!

Okay there you have it. See? I've been a busy girl...There's too many great instagram photos I didn't share here. You can follow me at @mandophoto.

I'm thinking about doing a 2013 Goals post! Stay tuned!



  1. You've been up to so much! Aw I'm glad to hear you don't have the sniffles anymore, and I love your outfit from that first round. Especially the tights! And I think if a cat came up to me and did that (the nose nibbling) I'd pass out from fear haha. I'm such a whimp when it comes to animals!

    1. I feel like I haven't been up to much at all! Thanks so much. Haha! That's funny, I love all animals and am very comfortable around them, especially cats! Stay away from my cat redge, she has the nickname "Mr Bitey" for a reason ;)


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