Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Beginnings

Today is the start of many birthdays this month, today is Cody's and my Dad's birthday. There are many ahead just this week! We started our day with a quick breakfast and an hour long bike ride. We are going have some lunch and go to the movies and relax in this overcast weather.

A little about the love my life:

He is a special education paraprofessional (teacher's aid) and working on his degree in special education. He is truly gifted in caring for these kids and I couldn't be more proud of him.

He has been skateboarding for 26 years, it's something that he most passionate about and after ten years of being together I finally got on a board and roll around while he does tricks.

He loves animals, cats and chimps most of all.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, it was a struggle at first but he has taken really good care of himself and I'm so proud with how good he is at dealing with having to take insulin before every meal, and keeping his number in check.

He is very funny and is always making me giggle.

He is extremely passionate about music, of all kinds. He got me into punk music and we both love songs with deep lyrical content.

He is very sensitive and feels bad for even killing a bug.

He is so responsible and organized and is so good at planning things out.

He is pretty much a genius, probably the smartest person I know.

He is a talented musician that's been in a few different bands, one of which is about to make a reunion, that I am VERY stoked about!

He comes from an amazing, down to earth family, every individual is talented in one way or another, they are all intelligent and fun to be around.

He has some of the greatest tattoos you will ever see, including Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons, you can't really top that.

He loves me, with his whole heart, his love for me is sometimes overwhelming, he makes me feel like the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the whole world and I can't believe I am so lucky to say that he is mine, forever.

Happy Birthday my love, you make my life fun and full, I can't imagine anyone else to share my love and laughs with.



  1. Tear! So sweet and beautifully written mands..love you and my birthday bro!


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