Thursday, August 16, 2012


~October 2011 - our neighbor's roses on the most wonderful foggy morning~

Recently I've been "digging" through folders and folders of photos on my external hard drive, usually looking for something in particular. While doing this I stumbled upon pant loads of pictures that I have taken over the years. There are thousands of great pictures, some I haven't even gotten around to looking over and editing. So! This of course sparked some blog inspiration in me!

~June 2011 - Miley, she is usually excellent at posing for me~

I titled this post MandoPhoto - because that's who I am when I am behind a camera. When I got into photography maybe 9 years ago, I called my work Bliss Photography. I am not sure when Mando Photo came into play, but I love it and it stuck.

~Dec 2004~

~Jan 2009 - Padre Island~

This will be a series, I'd like to say weekly but I may not have time to do one every week, but it will most certainly be reoccurring. I hope you enjoi.

~Feb 2008 - neighborhood leaves~

~May 2008 - Pink Lady Primroses~

~June 2012 - Cody's nephew Ben~

~March 2012 - Dallas Zoo date~

~Dec 2011 - Centerville, Texas~

~Dec 2011 - Self Portait/Tattoo Appreciation~ 



  1. how lovely and inspiring they are! your talent is deeply embedded in your soul, and as time goes on it "ripens" beautifully. can't wait to see what the next era holds ;-)

    1. Thank you, this almost made me tear up, almost! xoxo

  2. i love this post and seeing your photography from over the years. i always enjoy looking back through my photos and seeing what caught my eye then. these are beautiful but my absolute favorite is the mushrooms. the lighting is amazing!

    1. This comment made my day, I LOVE your blog. Thank you so much! That is one of my most personal favorites as well. I found the perfect light through the trees and couldn't stop snapping pictures of them!!


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