Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Loves 3

This week's loves and finds on the interwebs.

Roxy just added this adorable, fanstical brooch to her shop and I love it so much!!!

This artwork by Kiyoshi Saito is so fantastic.

I love all four of these dresses from Old Navy. I'm pretty sure each one would look good with some shoes I just ordered myself for my birthday!

This DIY is so cute and I would love to organize with something like this!

I've had my eye on this top from Dots for a while now, unfortunately you can't order online and I can't find it in any of the stores yet. I love it so much, the colors are so wonderful together!

This bracelet set is too cute, and I have my very own as a birthday gift from a coworker! I love the colors of the skulls! It will go with almost anything I have, and I'll wear it regardless...

This entire outfit is ridiculously adorable. I would love to try my hand at making a skirt with suspenders like that. I just love everything about it.

Can I have one of each color please? (no original link)

This party decoration is gorgeous and I would love it on the walls of my sewing room, all year round!

This is so beautiful, I've been wanting a drimel for some time now, so I can drill into glass and such and make beautiful things. Check out this shop for beautiful vintage china turned into stands.

I have no idea where these came from, I hate when I can't come up with an original link...but these shoes are perfect. I need them in my life. If you know where they came from, let me know!

Another without an original link, found on Tumblr. This photo is so great, I love the floral and the bike is too beautiful, I hope to have a gorgeous bike like that some day.

and last but not least, turn vintage silver into gorgeous succulent planters! I would LOVE to do this!

What caught your eye this week?


  1. great job so far. cant wait to see more!!

  2. Mandy, I love your whimsical taste! Childlike with a sense of wonder and yet artsty and worldly and curated. Your sneak peeks look great on Facebook. Can't wait to see the opening of your Etsy shop! Warm wishes, Lisa Marie

    1. Thank you so very much! I think you got my taste down pat!


  3. gahhhh so many awesome possum things here!!! :) those glasses are, well stunning and that brooch is adorable, I cant wait to check out the rest of her shop! thanks for totally making my night with some adorable things to look at!

    1. I know! I love doing these posts but at the same time it just makes me want so much stuff! I love those glasses too. Roxy makes super cute things and I love her blog too! Your welcome and thank YOU!



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