Monday, August 20, 2012

What I wore: Anniversary Weekend

It started Friday, Cody scooped me up from work and after running some errands and taking some first time outfit photos, we went to his Apartment to start our weekend celebration of our 10 year anniversary.

I won't get all mushy here, if you want to read about the love of my life you can do so in this post.

Friday - after work.

It was very humid, I was sweating and there were two men near by watching. This is me saying "okay let's stop I'm done."

Saturday, August 18th, our anniversary. Got up early and started our date at The Dallas World Aquarium.

I'm shoving my body image issues under the rug for this photo.
Post coming later with pictures from our amazing trip to the aquarium!!!
After seeing some amazing creatures, we had lunch and then did some shopping at 6 different thrift stores, which was a big deal for us. My feet were exhausted and I scored so many great things!(can't wait to share later) We went back to his apartment, watched a movie and drank whiskey while it stormed. It was the best day ever. 

Sunday, back home. End of the weekend and end of birthday/anni week which was by far the best!!!

Outfit Details:

Dress - as seen in this post, ordered from this Etsy Shop
Sandals - Wanted
Necklace - Vintage from my Mimi

Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: found on the ground in a parking lot, seriously.
Tank top: who knows?
Shirt: My mom's closet
Shoes: Target
Purse: The Sak
Headband: handmade

Skirt: Thrifted
Tank top: same as above
Vest: Thrifted (so excited to snazz it up!)
Shoes: Target
Balloons: Dollar Tree/from our bday party :)



  1. so many cute outfits! :) looks like such a lovely anniversary!

    1. Thanks so much! It was the best! :)

  2. Congrats on 10 years!! That is so awesome!! You look awesome!!!!


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