Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MandoPhoto - Dallas World Aquarium Part 1

We got there right when it opened, it was perfect and not too crowded!

One of the main reasons we went was because they have Sloths, so naturally we brought our little sloth friend "Knowledgeable Wallace"
I knew when I walked in that I would have trouble taking photos, with the glare of glass, poor lighting and my refusal to use a flash, not to mention I am in dire need of a camera update!
After only being there for about 10 mins, we turned a corner to see a woman walking up with a Sloth, she put him up to the tree, he very slowly reached up and hung there while she offered him some kind of seed pod, which he accepted and started to munch. We stood there smiling in awe.
I'm not gunna lie, it was hard for me to not just reach over and scratch his head!
People were looking at me weird, I did not care!

Cody was adorably nervous...

Cody's favorite was the Manatee!

After uploading the pictures I realized the Manatee had his mouth open, like he was smiling just like Cody was. It still makes me giggle!!!

Loved these Jelly Fish!

I couldn't help but to think of trendy neon colors when I saw this pretty thing.


  1. I had no idea they had sloths there!!! I'm definitely going there next time I'm in Dallas!

    1. They have three! You definitely should visit, I hadn't been since I was a little kid and they added so much!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

  2. Awesome pics! the smiling manatee pic kicks ass!
    Oh and I soooo dont remember the sloths..... Glad you guys had fun!!

  3. looks like an excellent time! loving the photos of the fish!

    1. Thank you so much! I loved the tanks that were well lit for photos! :)

  4. so cute! awesome sloths!
    ps: we're having a painting giveaway on the blog this week - you're invited!



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