Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AWOL / Slacker

Little birdies on the River Walk in San Antonio, TX

So last week I went on a trip and failed to tell my few readers, so if you noticed the lack of posts, missed me or wondered where I was, I apologize to you. If not, well I admit that I am a blogging slacker. I really want to give my blog a lot more attention but I just cannot get in the habit of making it some what of a job, some day I will though, I just know it!

In the mean time, I try to have weekly posts, I have ideas that I sit on for a while and then decide I'm not ready for the responsibility of certain posts and I have a tendency to hold high expectations of myself only to rip myself apart when I can't provide my own wishes.

So, coming up posts will include:
Photos and details about my trip, probably in two or three parts.
Instagram photo dump, because it's been quite a while.
A review on each item from my very first Birchbox.
Weekly Loves and hopefully more.

Thanks for sticking around, I love getting comments and knowing I have some readers out there!



  1. yay you're back! i can't wait to see what sort of trip you've taken :)

    1. Yay this made my day! Thanks! Part 1 coming tomorrow :)


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