Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Loves 6

How lovely is this lace bow shaped neckline on this blouse?
This amazing mosaic sculpture of an octopus, being displayed in London. Can you imagine walking past that every morning when you head to work? It looks so giant and incredible!!!

These crocheted day of the dead skulls, coasters? decoration? I suppose you could do nearly anything with them, wear one as a brooch, string them together for party decor!!! I love them and it only furthers my desire to pick up crocheting again.

This DIY for crepe paper anemones. They look so delicate and pretty, I just love the photos of the big bunch of them. I would love to make these in red and decorate Christmas presents with them.

I love the combination of floral and denim in this skirt, and the red trim and buttons is just perfect! Frankly, I'd love to try to re-create it!

These cat face stockings are TOO cute, I love how perfectly sheer they are and the cat's faces almost look like tattoos. I would wear these with probably everything above the knee. Not excluding shorts and boxers.

Speaking of cute kitty faces, how adorable are these nails?? I appreciate pretty nail decor on short nails, as I am doomed to have peely brittle nails for life. Whomp whomp.

Rebecca's shop is back and I am so in love with not only this particular head band, but all of the photos of her modeling it. Everything else in her shop is so darling too, like this precious skinny belt.

Source unknown, this photo is perfect in every way. What a lucky little girl to have such a cool picture to look back at when she gets older.

I love moths, I love when they are spotted and/or fuzzy and fluttering about towards a light. This my friends, is a smoke alarm, can you believe it? They have other colors too, so cute!

Some other things that tickled me this week:
This graffiti.
Confetti filled balloons, and everything else for this party
Nicole's engagement and refreshing blog change!
Getting my Amanda Palmer Kickstarter package in the mail.

This weekend I am finishing up a baby quilt for a friend, that I am really excited about. If my mom and I can get a hold of a pallet or two, we are planning on attempting to build an ottoman, so that is super exciting!
What are your plans?



  1. i love seeing short nail designs too...i have the worst weakest nails.

    you always share the greatest links to look at. loving these.

    1. High five for weak nails!
      Thank you SO much, little comments like this make my day!


  2. That shirt is absolutely amazing! And I have to admit I nearly dyed when I saw those kitty tights! I am in love with them!

    1. I know! I want them both, oh my I would wear them together! Eep there's an entire outfit in this post!

  3. Love the butterfly picture! And that octopus is CRAZY! :D


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