Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Wore - Lazy Labor Day

So I am still getting used to taking outfit photos...I've been taking pictures of myself for years and years, it's definitely different when someone else is taking the pictures. Cody is a great photographer, I am a horrible model! But I'm okay with that, I'm learning and getting used to it and if I look awkward then so be it. See the real me. I'm big, my fat rolls show, and I pose in awkward positions. I still find myself choosing to post the least awkward ones...

If you told me a year ago that I would be wearing a romper, I wouldn't believe it. But I couldn't resist this vintage romper I found at a thrift store, I've tried modern ones on before and they were too small and made me look pregnant...this one was too big and I gave it a little altering and it's so comfy and pretty I'm determined to wear it.

It was very hot and very bright...

First jumping shot, ever!? Yes, not TOO bad...
Note to self, keep your pale legs out of the sunlight to prevent blindness of readers.

We checked out a neighborhood abandoned house, the pool has been emptied, which makes it skate-able.

The pool pictures were my favorite, I suppose I was feeling more relaxed because I was tired. I want it to be known that this is "Love your body" type of post. Something I kept having to remind myself.

Outfit details:
Romper - Thrifted
Shoes - Ebay
Necklace - Forever21



  1. as always,my sweet, your pictures and your commentary are refreshing entertainment! and i loveloveLOVE the "love your body" theme you got goin on. can i jump onto your bandwagon? xoxox,mamaII

    1. Thanks Mama, everyone is welcome to love their body!!! xo

  2. Hooray for trying new things!!
    Looks great!

  3. aw don't worry too much about it- you'll get used to it. i was the same way when i started and i looked sooo uncomfortable. and i love your look here! those oxfords are perfect with your pretty floral dress

    1. You're too sweet, thank you so much, I needed that!


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