Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving-ish Photo Mix

1. Early Thanksgiving with my family - My sister's house Fall decor
2. Nephew Camdin plays with toy truck
3. Loving the natural light in my sister's house
4. "Better than Sex Chex Mix" - very delicious, couldn't keep our hands out of it.
5. Cutie niece Song
6. Thanksgiving Day Rainbow
7. Dusty road, the most beautiful ride in Centerville, Tx. Weekend in the woods.
8. Zoie's nature masterpiece
9. My favorite kid ever, Zoie.
10. The whole group, Top row Left to Right : Cousin Sara visiting from France, Allison, Aunt Lorrie, Zoie, Cody, Me, My mom, Song, My brother Javan, Steve. Bottom row: Cheryl, Abby, Camdin and Brandy.
11. Sneak peak of a mini photoshoot I did in the woods.

I had such a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving. Had a blast with both families. Ate delicious food. Bonded with my nephew and niece. Went to the woods for the weekend and had the most stellar time, ate delicious left over thanksgiving foods, met Cody's awesome cousin Sara, ended the weekend with a mini photo shoot by myself. Thanks to Abby for letting me borrow her camera while mine is being shelved for bad behavior.

I am thankful for all the beautiful and amazing people in my life.

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