Monday, August 27, 2012

Instalove Recap

Some favorite photos from the past few weeks via Instagram.

Had a wonderful bike ride with Cody, lovin my little pin from Roxy, representin Tejas!
"Bushes be smilin" Someone has a hilarious bush, although it's also sort of creepy...
Cody and I saw this movie on his birthday, it's so good and I cried so much, mainly because all could think about was how I've found my soul-mate, and I don't need to find a friend for the end of the world...
Had an amazing Triple Birthday Party Bash at my sister's house. Mother in law made us each our own cake, mine being the one with my logo on it, So amazing! And Cody's cousin, who designed my logo, made us each a card attached to a giant beer. So rad!

Me and my BFF soaking up the sun at the party!

Cody's cousin works for Vans and hooked up this awesome pair for my birthday! I broke them in with a great skating session.

Went to the aquarium, Loved this ginormous manatee. See more pics here.

The last day of anniversary weekend with Cody. I am smitten with my thrifted vest!

More outfit love, almost completely thrifted. Love this vintage striped skirt, my vest of course, and this back pack purse. Belt from Modcloth, vintage brooch was Cody's grandmother's. Owl necklace from Forever21.

And last but not least! I joined lovely Rebecca for no make up Sundays portraits! So inspiring and refreshing to share your true beauty.

Everyone have a lovely week!

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