Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday - Tattoos

So I've had the idea for a weekly post called Tidbit Tuesday, I've been putting it off because as always, I was over thinking it.

Rebecca over at Manzanita did a lovely post about her peonies, and I wanted to share mine with her and all of you. While trying to think of a post title, I decided this would be a good start to Tidbit Tuesday, every week, a little something about myself. I love getting to know new things about my favorite bloggers, so why not share a little bit about me each week.

This week's tidbit: My two largest and most favorite tattoos!

Art Appreciation Ink

 I wanted to take nicer quality photos for the details of this tattoo, but I'm coming down with a sinus infection, and not feeling up to it, so these old webcam pics will have to do.

This tattoo is based off this painting by Brandi Milne. I discovered it/her by looking through Hi Fructose magazine, flipping randomly through pages brought me to a full spread of this one, called Maniac on Sugar Island. I fell in love instantly, knowing where exactly I wanted it (around the very small peppermint which is a previous tattoo, that is sort of overlapping the maniac's butt...), I also fell in love with Brandi's work, and her as a person. Everything she does captures my attention, and you can read a little bit more about what I love about her in this post.

I contacted Brandi, asking her permission to get her work inked on me, she responded and was very warm and excited, she mailed me some post card sized business cards, one of which had my Maniac on them. I waited a couple years before getting it done, saving money, researching artists, after waiting so long and still wanting it as badly as when I first discovered it, I knew it was meant to be. It was done by Jorge Perez at Death or Glory Tattoo in Dallas, Texas. Jorge did a great job, he was very gentle and it being my first official piece, being so large, it went splendidly and I learned that I can sit through a session with only one pee break and zero tears.

I have plans for another painting of hers for the other side of my chest, it is of the similar style and will blend everything together perfectly. I absolutely love this piece and don't mind the attention I get from it. Usually, people seem surprised at how unique and pretty it is. I did not however enjoy someone thinking it was Tigger...

A feather for my Mimi
I got my peacock feather this year. For my Mimi, peacock feathers always remind me of her because she had a vase of them in her house, later I found out the feathers actually belonged to my mom, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that the sight of them take me back to the thought of my loving Mimi, Alice. I wanted something big and bright, I wanted the strands of the feather to flow and be full. I didn't initially want these colors but after a long discussion with Jerimiah Odom from Lone Star Tattoo, I let him take the reigns on the colors and I could not be more pleased. I had him add my Mimi's name to his feather drawing, with a big lowercase a, like how my Mimi wrote it. He definitely added his own flare to this piece, which turned out gorgeous and suite me perfectly. I love this tattoo and I smile when I look at it, every time. Again, I have another piece I plan to get on my other thigh, Poppies for my Mom. I am all about symmetrical tattoos!

I have only a couple other tattoos, they are small but I do love them.  I'm happy I shared these with you today, I love body art, I think it can be really beautiful and special to a person. I understand reasons for not sharing photos of tattoos, there are some copy cats out there, there are some people who don't have deep reasoning before getting something inked on them forever. But my tattoos are mine and special to me in their own way. They aren't always covered up, I get compliments, and I get snarled stares, that's just how the world is. I love the art that I chose to keep with me always, and I will continue to get more tattoos.

Do you have any tattoos or want to get some ink done? I'd love to see or hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this weekly post is something I can keep up and everyone will enjoy.


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