Thursday, September 27, 2012

Road Trip - Part 2

The Alamo at night

Our original road trip plan only consisted of Seeing Amanda Palmer in Austin - as seen here - and driving back the next day. We made an almost last minute decision to drive to San Antonio, spend the day on the river walk, stay one night and come home the next day. I am quite proud of us both for being a little spontaneous and very adventurous. Neither of us have taken a trip without our significant other or family member to use as a security blanket and direction detector. Who needs a man? Not us! We did just fine!

We stayed at the Emily Morgan Hotel, we were very pleased with the fact that it's located directly to the left of The Alamo, that gave us a perfect center of direction. I do regret not checking out the supposedly haunted floors, to see if there was any kind of ghostly atmosphere.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

We started our day by immediately heading to The Alamo. 
We cheesed it up pretty hard in almost every photo.
I swear I don't wear that shirt every single day...

Can you imagine how excited I was when I found there were ducks all around The River Walk?

Leslie rockin her Amanda Palmer shirt.

More duck love

Just some handsome Cowboy

We had plenty of time to kill before checking in to our hotel, so we visited the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium, and the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks museum. It was a lot cooler than we expected it to be and here are some of my favorite pictures.

One armed wallpaper hanger

Shorty pride

long neck comparison

Lee Harvey Oswald's neighbor/friend/driver's car

Gettin' saucy with this bug eyed guy

I loved this giant rotating moon!

Eiffel Tower made of toothpicks

Mummified Falcon

Half of a face

adorable shrunken head

Hand painted bat

Hand painted butterflies, these were so neat and pretty!

This place was huge and there was so much neat stuff. Stay tuned for Part 3, featuring the pictures from the wax museum - where we really started having fun!



  1. i love creeping through people's holiday pictures, i wish i was there! check you guys being all spontaneous- i wish i can spontaneously walk out of the office right now and go somewhere fun =P haha. and your hotel sounds so cool- when you went up the haunted halls did you feel anything?? i'm a total sucker for that kind of stuff

    1. Ha! Creep all you want! I wish I could walk out of my office right now, I totally would. It was pretty neat, it looked cooler on the outside than it did inside. We didn't walk the halls of the "haunted" floors and I really wish we did!!! I'm a sucker for stuff like that too, I was very tempted to when I went to get ice and I chickened out/was lazy. Even if I don't stay there next time, maybe I'll just waltz up in there ;)


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