Monday, October 1, 2012

Instalove Recap 2

I can't believe I've only done one of these, I am seriously slacking. So this is going to be a big one to get all caught up. Enjoy!

A fantastic thrift haul of a beautiful blanket I stashed last time I was at Goodwill, three necklaces, a Christmas colored scarf and some adorable T-strap shoes I plan to paint polka dots on!

Got my hair cut and colored, drank Starbucks and adored my clearance shorts from Target.

Cuddled in bed with Miley, I rarely let her up there so it was a special moment.

My niece Song just loves her Aunt Mando's bracelets, and Camdin got in on the action too.

Stalked up on Hatch Peppers now that the season is over, Loved this recipe I created with breakfast sausage, cream cheese and bread crumbs, wrapping them in bacon. Oh so spicy and drool worthy.

Met this dude on the front porch, named him Red Shoes Dewey...

Harold enjoying the sweet scent of freshly picked Jasmine.

Nosey love with Redge.

I loved my pretty thrifted scarf matching my sunglasses! That may have been last super summery outfit of the year.

After ten years I finally got to see Cody's band The Semi Green Anoles reunite for a jam session, it was crazy and I cannot wait for more!!!

Made a simple tote bag with a handmade hexagon flower.

Got some great pictures at the Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra show. Can see more here.

Extended my trip with my best friend and visited San Antonio...

This pigeon waited for us to ask for the check before hopped up and dug into our cheese...

Wore earrings through my tunnels for the first time ever and loved it.

Finished my second crib size baby quilt. Can see more here.

Got my first Birchbox, I will hopefully be able to work on the review for each item tonight! So stay tuned!

Smitten with this outfit I wore to work on Friday. Clearance dress from Target, Saddle Oxfords from Payless.com Glasses necklaces from Forever21 and brooch a Christmas present from Cody.

Took a bubble bath with a frosty cup of whiskey, it was delightful.

Saw one of the biggest, brightest Anoles I have ever seen on our bike ride. He was on a branch we were trying to move out of the way and we felt so bad when Cody saw him clinging on for dear life, we gently placed the branch against a fence and he scurried into a nearby tree. I wished I could have taken him home.

Hopefully I can do more of these more often. You can follow me on instagram @mandophoto.



  1. bacon and lizard!! love your shots!

  2. Oh, those pigeons in San Antonio. Haha! They did the exact same thing when we were there! :D

    1. Haha that's awesome! Them and the ducks were totally ruthless!

  3. Love this update! Especially your cute red dress and those saddle shoes!

    1. Thanks so much, and that dress is hot pink, the lighting in my room is awful haha but thank you it's my new favorite! xo


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